Iran and France to swap ambassadors after strained ties

Topic : Iran and France to swap ambassadors after strained ties Sources Acceptable: Think Tank articles, Periodicals/Magazines, Newspaper Op-eds, Commentaries Not Acceptable: Blogs, Social Media Postings –Argumentative and analytical essay. Sample Procedure Step 1: Choose two articles online (preferably with contrasting views) >> Identify a localand a regional or international source on a topic of your choosing e.g.) Government-run Newspaper (Global New Light of Myanmar) and a regional (Asia Times) or an international source (New York Times). Sample Procedure (cont) Step 2: Analyze and flesh out your argument (thesis statement) What to comment on: Language/tone (Framing/major themes), the contrasting perspectives (what do they discuss?), Identify similarities and differences What NOT to do: summary of events (at most a short, one-paragraph synopsis in the introduction would be sufficient) Sample thesis statement (argument): The ongoing Rohingyarefugee crisis is centered on religious, sociopolitical and economic contentions. While the government-run newspaper focuses on X, international sources highlight Y. Structure of Essay Step 3: Create an outlineof your essay: INTRODUCTION Introduction: A brief synopsis of current events, Aims and objectives, Argument, Outline (Scope of analysis) In this essay, I argue that . This paper aims toThe first section of this essay examines Structure of Essay (Cont) Step 4: Create an outlineof your essay: BODY PARAGRAPHS Structuring the Body paragraphs: A: Point-by-Point* B: Similarities to differences (Compare and Contrast)* C: A B Synthesis of A+B. Structure of Essay (Cont) Step 5: Create an outlineof your essay: CONCLUSION Conclusion: Summarizing and restating your thesis (core argument) To conclude In conclusion,. General Suggestions Academic Tone (no colloquial language) No contractions (shouldnt should not) Avoid Unsubstantiated Claims Formatting(MLA, APA, Harvard or Chicago) Analytical & argumentative, not descriptive Do not provide a summary of the articles (except for a brief synopsis in the Intro.) Introduce thesis statement (argument) in the first paragraph Keep headings to a minimum.