International political economy

A guideline for your research proposal is below. The length of your proposal is not critical. Yet, I think you still need to write at least 4-6 pages to report all of below items. Please upload your electronic file on the Canvas by 11 pm on Oct 18th.

Topic: Must be something related to the politics of the international economy

size 12 font double spaced

1. Introduction (1 page)

Please specify your research question and provide your rationale on your case. Why is it important to investigate your case? What political implications would your topic have?

2. A preliminary presentation of your case (1 or 1 pages)

Please specify your case. Who are major actors? Please discuss at three different levels of analysis (i.e., sub-national (i.e., domestic), national, and international), if needed. What will be your analysis time-frame? What exactly did happen? Facts should be cited from newspaper, other news agencies, IGOs, NGOs, or the government webpage, etc.

3. A short discussion of literature (2 or 2 pages)

What have been discussed on your topic in the literature already? Please note that at least 8-10 academic sources are required for your final paper. Academic journal articles are strongly preferred, but books (or book chapters) are also considered. However, newspapers (or other news sources) and IGO, NGO web-sites are NOT counted toward your academic sources even though they still need to be cited as the first source of empirical facts. Youre not necessarily supposed to discuss all of the academic sources fully at this stage (i.e., youll do that when you write your final research paper).

4. Theories and models (Less than 1 page)

A very brief discussion on political science, public policy, sociology, economics, or any other social science theories/models you may use for your analysis. For example, if you think either society-centered or state-centered model in IPE would be adopted in your final paper, please explain why you think you need to use that specific model/theory to analyze your case.

5. Reference list

Please list literature (at least 8-10 academic sources) alphabetically.