implementation of evidence based approach in reducing fall among elderly in a nursing home.

HERE IS THE RUBRICS: 1) Introduction. Background & Significance, and problem statement: Exceptionally thorough and insightful introduction and clearly addresses the research foundation that led to the chosen problem. Thorough explanation of the problem and its background. Provided several examples of the current state of need for change and gaps in evidence 2) Review of health care cost of problem(s): Demonstrated clear understanding of the history of and explanations of health care costs and burdens. 3) Evidence of support for APRNs role in solutions: Provided strong and compelling evidence supporting the role of the APRN in their chosen topic. 4) Foundation of PICOt: Exceptionally insightful PICOt foundation and relevant question. On this part the PICOt will be the purpose of the paper and needs to relate to what you are writing about. 5) Relevance of matrix content: Exceptional relevance to topic. I downloaded(file) the sample of a Matrix. Matrix citation should be at least 6 Citations. 6)APA: Mechanics and Style: Exceptional organization and focus throughout paper. Paper clearly addresses all required elements. Exceptionally clear writing style. Scholarly tone, without being pedantic. Exceptional use of APA format throughout paper. All referenced materials properly cited in text and reference lists. Proper grammar and spelling throughout. NOTE: The evidence synthesis paper will be a 6 page paper in APA format (excluding title page,references).