Human Resource Management

You will act as short-term consultants. You will focus on an issue or problem that the organization is facing and is relevant to the content of this course. It will likely take several conversations with your key contact person at the organization to identify a problem or issue that can be clearly defined, is manageable in scope, and is relevant to the course. I advise you to be selective in choosing an issue or problem to study, as a lack of depth in the issue itself will not be an acceptable excuse for lack of depth in the analysis. You may also supplement information with data from media, the organizations literature, and other secondary sources.

To meet this goal, you should answer the following questions in the assignment detailed below in an APA formatted paper (minimum 4 pages not including cover page and reference page):

Provide a company overview (Company history, mission, vision, core values, number of employees, etc). (This is the introduction of the paper)
What is the HR issue or problem facing the organization? (Be specific.)
Example: Googles HR issue is employee retention.
What course concepts can be applied to understand why the problem is occurring? (Be sure to explain why the problem is occurring)
What recommendations can you offer to help improve the issue or problem being faced? (Minimum of two recommendations) – Must be supported by scholarly resources to support why these recommendations are appropriate. Be sure to offer specific recommendations.
Example: If additional training is a recommendation, explain what types of training would benefit the organization.
Conclude your paper explaining how your recommendations benefit this organizations HRM functioning.