How does the organization operate? How are tasks/work projects accomplished?Is the organization domestic or international?

Guidelines for HR Strategy/PlanOverviewYou have acquired a vast knowledge about multiple topics relevant to managers and HR employees. You will apply your learning by presenting an HR strategy for an organization that you have chosen to work on throughout the course (fictitious or real). This is your opportunity to demonstrate your ability to consider and recommend actions to management on how the organization can be most competitive, whether it is in the domestic or global environment by utilizing the organizations best asset–its human resources.Development of the StrategyParameters for the organization:You are free to describe the organization with which you will be associated. You will need to provide some level of detail of your organization. Use your general knowledge, coursework, and research to accomplish this.Even though you are required to provide general organizational details, you will be focusing on the human resources function.Assume that a core group of managers and employees (approximately 250) are already in place.Your organization can produce a product or perform a service.Requirements for the Overview of the organizationDescription of what the organization does and organizational structure. Be specific. You may include an organizational chart.How does the organization operate? How are tasks/work projects accomplished?Is the organization domestic or international? Locations?Who are the competitors?What are the factors that you believe are critical to success in this organization?What is the culture like?How is information communicated?Why would people want to work for this organization?With the human resources field, there are a number of strategies that HR must develop and in concert with respective managers that must align with the overall organization’s mission and strategic goals. Select one of the plans/strategies. A discussion and analysis of why and how you developed the strategy must be included in the paper. Best practices based on the research and your text should be discussed.HR Strategies or Plan Choices:Human Resource Strategic PlanTalent Management StrategyCompensation and Benefits StrategyPerformance Management PlanEmployee Training and Development PlanDiversity and Inclusion StrategyLeadership Development and Succession PlanWhile the plan may not be in a final format that you would submit to a CEO/President and the Vice Presidents, you want to make sure you include as much detail as possible. Remember, your strategies and strategic plans will not be as detailed as the operational plans that delve down further into the detail. You want to make sure that you provide a level of detail that an informed decision can be made.IMPORTANT!!Submit your work as an MS WORD ATTACHMENT in either a .doc, .docx, or .rtf format.Please support your ideas, arguments, and opinions with independent research, include at least ten (10) supporting references or sources (NOT Wikipedia, unknown, or anonymous sources). In addition, include a properly formatted APA cover page, an abstract (aka, in business – Executive Summary), a properly formatted Introduction and Conclusion, and a minimum of 10 pages of double spaced written content. Cite all listed references properly in text in accordance with the 6th edition of the APA manual, chapters 6 & 7.