Greenhouse affect and global climate change

This assignment is 10% of course total. Please do some research and collet information including scientific data on the items listed below. Your essay must address item #1 plus one or multiple items from #2-#6. You must use sufficient scientific data (prefer in the format of data table, graph and chart) to support your statements.

Item 1: a) Greenhouse gases-list major greenhouse gases and their percentage presence in earth atmosphere. b) Greenhouse Effect-explain the physical principles behind Greenhouse Effect and its pros and coms. c) List the data collected over last 100 years average temperature change (ocean, air and land) vs increase of greenhouse gases in earth atmosphere.

Item 2: Select at least six satellites (currently on earth orbit sent by NASA/or European Space Agency) that monitor the greenhouse gases in earth atmosphere. a) List the info of each satellite: for example, its weight, launch date, altitude (height above the earth surface) and period, source of energy. b) Explain how each of these satellites detects and identifies the greenhouse gases (equipment on board the satellite and scientific methods used). c) List the data that has been collected so far from each satellite.

Item 3: a) List top ten countries that are the major global greenhouse gases contributors and analyze the sources of these greenhouse gases in each of these countries. b) Pick one or two countries among the ten that you listed, to discuss the impact of increasing greenhouse gases to its environment, for example: i) fresh water supply, ii) fishery, iii) agriculture, iv) wild animal life.

Item 4: Pick one or two countries among the ten that you listed, to discuss the impact of increasing greenhouse gases to its social environment, for example: a) Health issues and disease control, b) Economy.

Item 5: List major evidence of global climate change and its impact in one/or more than one of the following areas: a) ocean temperature and its ecology. b) polar ice cap condition and sea level change. c) sever weather patterns. d) shortage of food/fresh water supply.

Item 6: a) Explain the core principles and measures of the Paris Agreement. b) Propose policies that you think that would mitigate greenhouse gases emission. c) Individuals responsibility and effort that could contribute to slow down, or even reverse this potentially devastating trend of global climate change.

The format requirements for this essay are: minimum of Four full pages of text; margin no more than 1″ on the top, bottom, left and right; single line space; size 12, font TIMES. Please include a list of references at the end of the essay (beyond PAGE No. 4). Graphs, photos and data tables are additional. Please save it in MS Word document or PDF format .