Graphs for modeling real world situations

Essay: Graphs for modeling real-world situations
For Part 2 of this Competency Assessment, you will address the following questions in a Word doc:
Consider a situation that involves relationships that can be modeled with a graph. There are many examples that have been shared in your textbook. Here are some additional examples:
Connecting high-speed network cables to all university campus buildings
A school bus route picking up all children in their route
A rock band planning their yearlong tour route

1) In at least one well-composed paragraph, describe the context for the situation. It should include between 510 vertices and 510 edges.
2) What does each vertex represent? How many are there?
3) What does each edge represent? How many are there?
4) Draw a graph using a drawing program of your choice. Paint, Word, or PPT can be used (saved as an image or file). A few online options are or Make sure to label your vertices with a single capital letter (A, B, C, D, E )
5) In at least one well-composed paragraph, explain the difference between a path, a circuit, a Euler circuit/path and a Hamiltonian path/circuit in a graph.