Explain the purpose of nursing research in an evidence-based practice environment

NURS 560 DF Instructions: Reflection Post Master of Science in Nursing concentration Family Nurse Practitioner BOOK NAME https://ambassadored.vitalsource.com/#/user/signin READ: Burns and Grove’s the practice of nursing research Do not use quotations in this discussion. Paraphrase your sources. Topic Reflect back over the term. DIRECTIONS: Answer the following questions: 1) What one thing did you learn in the course that you were able to apply in your work during the term? (I work as a Registered Nurse on a critical Intensive Care Unit (ICU)) 2) What one thing are you looking most forward to applying to your career in the future? (I plan to work in Primary Care as a Family Nurse Practitioner in the future) 3) What future trends may influence how nurses use evidence to improve the quality of patient care? A REMINDER OF THE COURSE OBJECTIVES MAY HELP YOU REFLECT ON THIS TERM 1. Explain the purpose of nursing research in an evidence-based practice environment 2. Differentiate qualitative and quantitative research in terms of philosophy, methodology, and Outcome 3. Critically analyze various types of research methods and designs for scientific merit 4. Investigate the literature to gain knowledge related to a select problem in education, administration, or practice 5. Evaluate the reliability, validity, and typical outcomes of instruments commonly used for nursing research 6. Explore ethical principles as they relate to research and evidence-based practice 7. Design a research proposal that incorporates scholarly inquiry applicable to a select problem in nursing practice, education, or administration Support with 2 scholarly peer reviewed journal articles. References must be PEER REVIEWED JOURNALS, LESS than 5 YEARS OLD, and from the UNITED STATES. (Your text book may be used as a source but does NOT count toward the 2 required references). Your discussion post should be no less than 250 words and no more than 300-words. References do not count in the word count but citations do. APA formatting applies and includes the following A) In text citations in APA format B) Reference list in APA format (include doi) Please send me PDF copies of the peer reviewed resources that you use. I would like to read nursing journal articles to learn from them. Thanks! Grading Criteria: Initiative 1. Comments were adequately responsive to the discussion item posted. APA Style Initial post 1. Follows APA format. (See the assignment instructions for details.) 2. Citations and references are correct according to the APA manual. 3. No spelling or grammar errors noted. 4. No quotations in the initial post.