Emergency and Resuscitation Medicine TRAUMA

MSc Emergency and Resuscitation Medicine Trauma Sciences 1. Contrast the characteristics of blunt vs penetrating trauma. Cite and appraise key papers that assess the epidemiology, pathophysiology, resuscitation and outcomes of these two disease groups. (50% marks). 2. Describe a blunt trauma case that you have been involved in based around the discussion points below. (50% marks) Discuss the approach for managing this case in the context of: a. the initial management strategies targeting the underlying pathology. Explain support your decisions based on current guidelines and published research. b. following from the initial assessment what steps did you take to individualise the care for this patient and why. Use published guidelines and research to justify and explain the interventions & medications that you chose. If you deviated from the guidelines justify this from published research. c. How was the trauma care framework & regional network utilised to optimise outcomes for your patient?