Critical Review of (No) Access T.O.: A Pilot Study on Sanctuary City Policy in Toronto, Canada

Description: Review of a required reading assigned to a weekly topic. Aim: To develop skills in critically assessing the literature on immigration-related issues. – For the scheduled week, the assigned student will prepare a written review of no more than 600 words in length (excl. references). – Exceeding the word limit will result in a reduction of your mark. The essay should be properly formatted using a style guide APA. – Do not write a summary of the text (we have all read it). Rather, a critical discussion should highlight problematic, important and/or interesting aspects of the essay that arise from engaging with the text. – Your review must reflect your own interpretation, but this interpretation should demonstrate your grasp of the material presented in the text and be grounded in additional scholarly literature, government publications, other credible sources, examples from newspapers, and/or your own professional/personal experience. The optional readings (and classics) listed for each topic may be a starting point for a literature search. – All work consulted must be properly cited. – Please also include two questions as a point of entry into an in-class discussion on your review and the readings.