Construct Development, Scale Creation, and Process Analysis Paper

The construct measurement The construct measurement that our team decided to measure is test anxiety. Operational definitions of test anxiety including three peer-reviewed journal articles Test anxiety occurs when thoughts and concerns arise before a test is administered. Those thoughts and concerns affect the mental, emotional, and physiological functions of certain individuals and cause anxiety. Test anxiety is a general anxiety disorder that affects particular students including elementary and secondary students. Test anxiety is persistent over time, does not have any intervention (Weems et al., 2019; Yeo, Goh & Liem, 2016). Utilizing the Test Anxiety Scale for Elementary Students (TAS-E) exposed the associations between the physical symptoms and test anxiety, the judgments of others in reaction to the individuals test performance, the behaviors during testing (not paying attention and consistent moving), and the thoughts and concerns of The five items used to scale the domain sample The five items used to scale the domain sample are 1. Cognitive Processes 2. Emotions 3. Behavior 4. Physiological Responses 5. Thought Process Method of scaling We chose the paired comparisons scaling method. Part II: Analysis and Justification Write a word analysis of how you developed your instrument. According to the provided information please answer these questions 1- Describe how you would norm this instrument and which reliability measures you would use. 2- Explain to whom the instrument would be generalized.