Consider the following: you have an opportunity to ask Jonathan Haidt a question regarding his thoughts on Gen ‘Z’.

Be sure to access and listen carefully to the Podcast before attempting this assessment task. Task Description Ask ONE good question and explain why this is a good question to ask: this task requires you to consider a significant issue arising from the resource provided for individuals, a specific industry or business. Listen to the podcast HERE (Links to an external site.) or in Our Insights and Learning Resources folder. Clearly articulate what your question* is and justify why this is an important/ relevant question. *If your question can be answered with yes, no, maybe or a lot etc, you have some more work to do. Please also consider the following assessment criteria: Question raised has a distinctive direction (clear purpose and intent) There is a clear justification, supported by relevant argument(s) and research, explaining why the question would be significant with respect to the domain/topic/individual Clarity of expression including accuracy, spelling, grammar and punctuation