Children coping with divorce issues

Topic: Children coping with divorce issues
Tech. Assignment
Technology Assignment:
Please watch this video to differentiate between a scholarly article and a popular source article before you attempt this assignment.
For Tech. assignment you are required to search the World Wide Web on two popular source articles you choose in the class. The articles can be from any source. You will write a summary about the information in two paragraphs. Paragraph 1 will include the summary of first article and paragraph 2 will include the summary of the second article. The summary should cover the following content information:
topic of the article
The main theme; and three supporting facts or ideas about the theme.
Summary and conclusion of the article
Name of the author, periodical/magazine, and address of website
Avoid Plagiarism: Please, turn in your original work. If there is a match of more than five words in a row or 15% match with another source, you will receive a 0. Turn in your assignment ahead of time so that the SafeAssign software can check your similarity. If the similarity index is high, then bring it down and resubmit your work. You have 3 attempts to submit your work before the deadline, your last submission will be graded. One way to bring the similarity index down is to:
Watch a tutorial on “How to avoid Plagiarism”
cite the sources from where you have taken the information.
do not copy the phrase from original source but paraphrase it.