Business Statistic.

Term paper including: 7 pages. The very first page would be: student’s name, professor’s name, course name, fall 2019. Underneath all that will be 3-4 sentence abstract of the paper ( no longer than 4)

The second page will be where you gonna start off your paper. This will be 5 pages of “NARRATIVE”.

The very last page would be the reference page.

I need the outline one week before it due.
The outline consists of What is in the introduction, Body, Conclusion also your three sources or your three subtopics for analysis. If you are using three sources then you need to have references on the outline page as well.

A minimum of 5 full pages of writing, double spaced, 12 font, one-inch margins, will be the required format for this writing. The papers must include a cover page, introduction, body, conclusion, two suggested areas of further research, and a bibliography with at least three sources. The cover page (that contains a 3-4 sentence abstract of the paper), and the bibliography, do not count in the total of your 5 pages of writing. Each source in the bibliography must include: Human Author; Title; Publisher or Web Address; Year; and the specific Page Numbers that you referenced. Graphs and diagrams are optional. Any idea/statement that you directly quote, or paraphrase, must be cited as follows: (Human Author, pg. #).

Important requirements for this paper is using at least two calculation tools from my class about business statistics which will be provided by me (I picked Permutation and Combination calculation tools). The paper Just talk about the tools you’re going to use, why you chose to use those tools, what you can predict from those tools or what they tell you, talk about what the tools tell you about the data you choose to use, what that means for the company and what the company should do for each tool. You can look up a real data from a real company or you can make up data for your own company. It could be more than one company. Including success rate, benefit from it.

In the conclusion must include your perspective/opinion about the tools/company. And also must include at least 2 suggested area further research. For this you would have to show the readers how can they find the information, not just throw in the links. I have included the two tools that I wanted to use for this paper. If you think it is hard please let me know I will find a different tool for you.