Briefly describe the companys activity and their products/services. What type of strategy is the company following? Justify your answer.

1. INTRODUCTION, COMPETITIVENESS AND STRATEGY Background of the company and the industry in which the company competes and the strategy of the company. This section is about the company and its industry. In this section you provide a brief background of the company. Briefly describe the companys activity and their products/services. What type of strategy is the company following? Justify your answer. Describe the industry in which the company operates in with this product/service. Who are its the main competitors. Explain how you believe the company uses Business Information systems to compete. How competitive is the nature of the industry? [10 marks] 2. Overview of Mission Critical Systems . Following from the introduction, the group will identify at least THREE mission critical information systems that allow the company to carry out its daily activities and compete. For each system the group will need to specify: Which Functions use the IS in question How does the IS generate value for the Business how/why is it mission critical? How innovative (uniquely inimitable) is the technology being used? [20 Marks] 3.Overview of the Infrastructure required by the Identified systems deployed by the company. Following the review of the systems students need to look at the infrastructure in place for those systems to operate. Key points to look at include: the fundamental hardware information technology that is required, the communication infrastructure required social infrastructure/human factors in place [10 Marks] 4. Discussion of Data, data governance and data management policies applied by the company The group will explain the type of data required by each of the systems and the resulting outputs produced by them. Where are the outputs used? What are the data management policies employed by the company? What is the strategic role of the data and information collected by the company? [10 Marks] 5. Discussion of IT and Data Security measures necessary for normal daily operations The group will review the measures taken by the company to ensure Data security and the reliable operation of the IT infrastructure and the information systems deployed by the company [20 Marks] 6. Competitive advantage and Recommendations on the BIS strategy of the company The group will identify the way in which the mission critical information systems participate in generating i) business value and ii) in shaping the competitive position of the company in relations to its competitors (identified in the introduction) As a result of this analysis the group should identify at least THREE recommendations or areas/plans for improvement which can support the success / profitability / competitive positioning of the company.