analyze an existing RMP for a specific institution that you will identify.

Risk Management Plan Assignment Each student will analyze an existing RMP for a specific institution that you will identify. If analyzing a team or group, remember it is part of a whole – part of the institution or district. As such, it cannot have its own RMP so your task is to see how well it complies with existing policies and procedures. It will be important to determine what should change – the institution policy to accommodate how the team or group is functioning; or the team or group change the way it is functioning to comply with the policies or procedures. A risk management plan is more than just a checklist audit. However, a checklist is an important tool. To develop a risk management plan, students should review the RMP Review Checklist (see below) and use it to make sure they are reviewing all required aspects of the institution, group or team. Areas of inspection must include: Organization Description Personnel involved Activities conducted Facility and equipment condition General supervisory practices Crisis management and emergency action plans Insurance coverage Utilize pp. 311-322 in Law for Recreation and Sport Managers (5thEdition) or pp. 299-310 (6th edition) – (the “legal audit” is not a part of this assignment) Risk Management Plans will be graded using the following criteria: Writing style Plan is free from grammatical, typographical and spelling errors; do not use “I” or personal references APA for MCAA formatting including proper use of headers and subheaders; spacing; and citations Organization Plan is logical (easy to follow) and includes at a minimum Overview of the institution, group or team All 7 of the inspection areas listed above Appendix with pictures not required. Appendix with relevant documents (forms, plans, handbooks used by the institution, group or team) Proper method Review of the Plan demonstrates that all relevant “areas of inspection” (personnel, activities, facilities, etc) were investigated thoroughly. You must have the correct title page, an abstract on page two, main headers throughout the body of your paper should be bold and centered, while sub-headers are left-justified. You will need to have a reference page and include your appendices at the conclusion of your paper.