analyze all the scenery, you may pick 1 to 3 architectural images to analyze DEEPLY.

This paper will discuss the environment of this film. NOT the film story. Name: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari Year: 1920 Link: -You must not go over 10 minutes or your grade will be lowered accordingly. In order to keep to your time limit, we require that you DO NOT SUMMARIZE THE ENTIRE PLOT OF THE FILM AND SPEAK ENDLESSLY ABOUT THE CHARACTERS AND DRAMA OF THE MOVIE OR GAME. Instead, you are being asked to speak and present only a few select images settings/scenes (stills) from the movie or game and really study them very closely specifically the ARCHITECTURAL SETTINGS. You will need to provide a very brief summary to introduce the class to your film or game but please be concise and to the point. Please also do not discuss the many different building styles, ideas or interests that may also appear in the movie or game that you have chosen which are not directly associated with the subject of the week your film/game was assigned. You are not expected to summarize everything about the film or game but instead explore creative ideas associated with architecture and media environments relative to the time period in history we are specifically investigating in class. Your thesis and the themes you explore through the varied scenes from the movie/film or game that you have selected can be as sophisticated as you are able to imagine and develop. Please do not hesitate to be creative with your analysis and approach. -Please includes the film screenshots or any images that relate to the movie setting into the PPT. It doesn’t need to analyze all the scenery, you may pick 1 to 3 architectural images to analyze DEEPLY. -The format of this paper doesn’t need to follow the essay writing. Please consider that this will be a presentation draft and will read to the entire class.